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The questions that come to everyone's mind when buying wholesale socks;

  • Is it the manufacturer?

  • Are the socks that I bought really in stock?

  • Will I receive the same product that I ordered?

  • Will they send the products that I did not want?

  • Do they get a refund, if I don't like the socks I bought?

  • Is there a customer service?

  • Do they ship abroad?

In today's technology, our customers have started to order wholesale socks easily,   via our website,  wherever they are.

Our customers can see the socks models,,specifications,wholesale prices and prepare their orders easily,.We send the goods to their adresses.

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     In the past, retailors were  visiting wholesalers to purchase affordable and quality socks .  In the market Socks Sellers and stores who wanted to buy wholesale Socks for were trading with certain wholesalers ,otherwise they should travel a lot.. Today this trading system is completely changed.Clients can search for the goods that they need by internet and can make online shopping.

   During purchasing wholesale socks ,the customers are asking and searching for

  • Is it the manufacturer?

  • the socks that they want to buy are really in stock or not?

  • Will I receive the socks that I bought on time ?

  • Will they send the correct products that I bought?

  • Do they take back the socks  that I bought,if I do not like?

  • Do they have a customer service?

  • Do they ship abroad?


    To completely eliminate these questions  In 2008, was launched as the first on line Wholesale Socks store in Turkey.  We bought the domain and activafed in 2013 and started B2B and B2C Wholesales . We moved our warehouses to Tekstilkent, and established the first CRM Logistics, storage,stock list and shipping system in the socks market. Our aim was to provide the best service for our customers as wholesales   . As the increase in online socks sales, we also increased the number our product range and registered Brogetti and Socks Concept brands. Upon the increasing demand, we started the  retail sock sales on the same domain,

    In today's technology, our customers can easily  order wholesale   wherever they are, they can see the stock quantities for each model,we can follow our customers' requests,they can easily see the  wholesale prices instantly. They order ,we deliver the goods  to their doors,


Click now to be  our customer, and to  order Wholesale Socks... 

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