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Get Your Socks From Turkey,  Pay LESS Up to 30% For Transportation -  SAVE MONEY and TIME

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Top Custom Socks Manufacturer in Turkey

Elteksan Textile Co., is the best custom socks manufacturer in Turkey, has been focusing on the socks production since 1999. We can produce socks in bulk according to your own sock designs and requirements. 

We have the most competitive prices for European clients, which can enhance their competitiveness and greatly promote their sock business with the advantage of Turkey's location and transport costs

Our wide range socks collection will definitely meet your needs. Besides sample production, we are able to produce for custom in order minimum 1.200 pairs by color/by size.

We can produce women's, men's and kids' socks in various yarns ; Cotton, Modal, Bamboo, Wool, Mercerized etc. 

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Since 1999 we have been producing high quality socks for the brands of our customers with our professional staff operating in the socks industry

Total Machines  

Yarns used
Knitting and printing 


Sample leadtime 
Handlinked toe production 
Sample leadtime 
Production leadtime 
Men / Woman Colors MOQ 
Polyamide etc. MOQ
Baby and Kids MOQ 
Shipment mode 
Export Countries 

: 258 machines     (used for men, women, kids, baby, 
  compression productions )
: 1.800.000 monthly
: Cotton , organic cotton , recycle cotton/polyester , 
  bamboo , wool mix , 100% cotton melange , technical yarns 
: Jacquard , Sublimation , Digital , 
  360 digital printing , Silicone printing
: Yes 
: Yarn supplier certificates Oeko-Tex , 
  Organic , GOTS , Bamboo , Recycle
: 7-10days (counter sample) 
: Yes
: 7-10days
: 4-6 weeks 
: 1200 pairs/size/col, 
: 1200 pairs/size/col 
: 2400/1200 pairs/size/col

: CAD with 50%prepayment
: Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, USA,

Çorap Üreticisi Elteksan İstanbul

Re- De (Research-Development)
We constantly research and develop special yarn qualities and compositions for our customers and their consumers to have them best experiences

Pro-De (Production-Development)
We develop new compositions of fibers in different  qualities to provide maximum comfort as well as sustainable and functional.

Our young and dinamic design team is working on new and spectacular styles depends on our customers needs that are all trendy and beyond the usual

We provide fast and professional service for our customers to see new designs or existing designs on socks according to their demands

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Çorap Tasarımı
Çorap Numune Üretimi
Çorap Üretim Fabrikası İstanbul

In accordance with the orders, we produce 21.500.000 pairs of socks annually in our facilites with the high tech/full automatic machines like Lonati, 


You Are In The Right Place For Socks ManufactureThank you for your message,We will contact you as soon as possible. .

How Are Socks Manufacture?

         The yarns used in the production of socks are generally NE 20/1 Color Carded 100% Cotton yarn, the reason for this; yarn suppliers keep this type yarn in their stock with all colors, which are in their color catalogue, they keep less colors as Combed cotton yarn. NE 30/1 Combed Cotton yarn is also used, but it is not as common as NE 20/1 cotton yarn,and less colors in stock. Bamboo, Modal and Viscose threads are also used, provided that their numbers are the same. Mercerized yarns are numbered as NE 40/1 and NE 60/2. This is not limited to yarn types, many different mixtures of yarns are used. Socks are generally produced with 2 different threads as outer and inner threads. Cotton is used on the  surface,  gipe, polyamide /polyester are used on the inside the sock,in the knitting.

      All socks produced  by a cylindrical knitting machines. Socks machines are classified by  needle numbers , needle counts,and the machines' cylinder diameters,diferent  sizes of socks are produced by the needed correspandent machine with these specs. The cylinder to which needles are attached is often called "Barrel". 96 needle baby socks, 120 and 132 needle kids socks, 144 and 156 needles for mens and womens socks, 168 and 200 needles  produce high value-added sanitary socks. These  needle numbers are the most common machines in socks manufacture. 

        Socks  are designed in the computer by special pixel logic designing program for the computer controlled socks machines. This pixel logic changes according to the number of needles of the machine. For example, for a  156 needles machine, socks designing program must be prepared for 156 needles machine.
Socks   knitting starts from the elastic part of the sock, and the knitting process ends in the toe part. The socks sample production is  demanded most by the customers .For socks sample production,first necessary yarns are chosen in the colors which are needed from the yarn catalogues. The  machine operator fixes all the yarns on the machine which are needed for the production ,Loads the design program to the computer controlled socks machine and starts  machine for the sample. After knitting the first sample in the machine,stretch,knitting,designs etc of the sample is controlled carefully,they make all the tunings,adjustments to make the best product which is needed,and the production starts after the production sample is approved by the customer and the manufacturer. Before coming to this point several trials and samples are produced.

      The toe stitching of socks is also important. There are 3 types sewing system for the toe, one is called "Rosso Stitch" in the industry, is actually the micro one of the overlock stitch, and it is widely used because it is fast to produce. The Single Row Sewing system, which is called seamless,seamless system is much more comfort than the rosso stitch,it is made by circular stitching machine . These 2 systems are made by different macines, after the knitting procedure finished by the socks machine.3rd toe stitching system is made by the socks machine automatically, by an attached robotic lintoe device to the socks machine,and this also makes the seamless stitch which is comfort and faster than the single raw stitching.
Socks Washing, Ironing and Labeling process varies depending on demand, and industrial washing is performed using various softeners, silicones and essences. Ironing process is done by putting the socks on ironing molds ,these molds are produced in various sizes with the corresponding  socks sizes,,socks are left for a short period of time on these hot molds,and take out for packing.Ironing process is usually done by  robotic ironing machines, by large manufacturers in the socks industry. There are many different methods of tagging as well; It ranges from boning, planting, and octopus tagging.

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