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Year 1999
Aksuoglu Family Company was established and started its activities in the field of Electronics in the Socks and Seamless (Santoni) sector.

Year 2010
Elteksan Industrial Electronics and Computer Industry Enes Eyup AKSUOGLU continued its activities as the Authorized Service of Electronic Repair services and second hand machine dealer of Santoni and Sangiacomo brands, which are the leading companies of the sector in the socks and seamless sector.

Year 2011
As, the sector's first Online Socks E-Commerce Page was established with the domain acquired in 2008,

Year 2012
Elteksan Textile  Machinery  and Industrial Electronics Co.Ltd. It was established and expanded its field and opened the first Machine Revision Center of the sector. It started the production of many Electronic devices and Machines with the innovative products needed to reduce the external dependency of the sector

Year 2016
It started production and sales by obtaining patents of different and innovative products from many different sectors by doing R&D and Product Development,

Year 2020-2024
With the knowledge and experience of the past, it continues its Production, Online Marketing, Consultancy and Product Development activities by taking different sectors into its field.

Fields of Activity;
* Socks Manufacture, Design, Sample and Export,
* Sterile Surgical Disposable Gown, (Production and Export)

Elteksan Textile  Ma
chinery  and Industrial Electronics Co.Ltd.

socks manufacturer

Since 1999 we have been producing high quality socks for the brands of our customers with our professional staff operating in the socks industry

Total Machines  

Yarns used
Knitting and printing 


Sample leadtime 
Handlinked toe production 
Sample leadtime 
Production leadtime 
Men / Woman Colors MOQ 
Polyemide etc. MOQ
Babay and Kids MOQ 
Shipment mode 
Export Countries 

: 253 machines (used for men, women, kids, baby, 
  compression productions )
: 1.800.000 monthly
: Cotton , organic cotton , recycle cotton/polyester , 
  bamboo , wool mix , 100% cotton melange , technical yarns 
: Jacquard , Sublimation , Digital , 
  360 digital printing , Silicone printing
: Yes 
: Yarn supplier certificates Oeko-Tex , 
  Organic , GOTS , Bamboo , Recycle
: 7-10days (counter sample) 
: Yes
: 7-10days
: 4-6weeks 
: 1200 pairs/size/col, 
: 1200 pairs/size/col 
: 2400/1200 pairs/size/col
: CAD with 50%prepayment
: Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom, USA,


Re- De (Research-Development)
We constantly research and develop special yarn qualities and compositions for our customers and their consumers to have them best experiences

Pro-De (Production-Development)
We develop new compositions of fibers in different  qualities to provide maximum comfort as well as sustainable and functional.

Our young and dinamic design team is working on new and spectacular styles depends on our customers needs that are all trendy and beyond the usual

We provide fast and professional service for our customers to see new designs or existing designs on socks according to their demands

Socks Re-De Yarn
Socks Pro-De
Socks Design in Turkey Socks Manufacturer
Gots Organic Cotton Socks Manufacturtr
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