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SacTut Hair Brush Cleaning Apparatus

What is SaçTut?

Quick and Easy Hair Brush Cleaning Apparatus

It prevents the accumulation of hair and dead skin in hair brushes that are difficult to clean,


Usage :

You can use the product many times by attaching it to the clean brush with the slogan “Plug-and-Take-Out”, after the hair is combed, and easily throw away the accumulated hair in the garbage, the product can also be used as a hairpin in case of need.


Single Box Content:

5 Pieces of SacTut 

Sizes; Width 10 cm., Width 1.3 cm., Height 11 cm. Weight 15 gr.


Stand Box Contents:

20 Boxes of SacTut 

Sizes; Width 20.5 cm., Width 14 cm., Height 11.2 cm., Weight: 358 gr.


Package Content:

25 Boxes of 20 Pack SacTut (500 Pieces of 5)

Sizes; 50 x 40 x 60 cm. Weight 9 kg.


Sanctut 20'li Stant Kutu
SacTut 5'li Paket
Sactut Fırca Temizleyici

SacTut Hair Brush Cleaning Apparatus

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