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Delivery and Return Conditions

  You can return the product you have purchased within seven (14) days from the date of delivery without destroying, spoiling, or using the product, in its unopened form as you received it, and by packaging it in such a way that it will not be damaged during its delivery to us.
Every product you buy from is under the warranty of the manufacturer.
Returns of products with damaged packaging, used or destroyed products are not accepted. The customer is obliged to return the product as it was when it was delivered to him.
Please return the product together with the product invoice. Write your request clearly by creating a return and request form. Be sure to specify the code, color and size of the product to be exchanged clearly and in writing.
Exchange or return of opened products is not possible due to hygiene conditions if there is no problem arising from production.
There are no exchanges or returns on discounted products., any opening, deterioration, destruction, tearing, use etc. on the product and its packaging. In cases where it detects the situations and if the product cannot be returned as it was when it was delivered to the customer, the product will not be returned and the price will not be refunded.
For returns and exchanges that you think are in compliance with the above conditions, you can send the product/products to the following postal address by courier without wasting time.
Buyer-paid shipments will not be accepted in any way.
Orucreis Mah. Tekstilkent Trade Center A8 Blok No:20 ESENLER
In cases where the above conditions are met, the shipping fee of the returned products will be paid by the customer. is not responsible for shipping charges arising from returns and exchanges.
Buyer-paid shipments will not be accepted in any way.
You can contact us at 0212 501 67 66 to send your cargo at the agreed prices through the cargo companies that have a contract with
In the event that there is an error or defect in the products arising from production, and undesired situations such as faulty product, wrong color and size delivery by, your cargo is collected from your address within 1-3 working days through the cargo companies contracted with and sent to our company. If your complaint is approved by evaluating it when it arrives, all costs incurred during the return or exchange will be covered by

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