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 Registered Enterprise FOR SALE 

Products and Documents to be Sold;

  • SacTut Trademark Registration,

  • Domain and ready-made website that is not online,

  • All Product images, 

  • Know-How,

  • Promotional videos in Turkish and English,

  • 40.000 Packages Ready to be sold in 5-Pack SacTut

SacTut's Story;

   Developed in 2017, SacTut was launched as a highly innovative product with a certificate of Utility Model Patent.   

An exclusive agreement was signed with the leading company of the cosmetics net shops, w****n, the products were produced and shipped to w****n stores, after a change in the management of w****n, they did not put the products on the shelves, which were delivered to their warehouses. Due to the exclusive agreement, it could not be offered to another competing major cosmetic markets in 2018-2019. The products remained in storage due to the 2020-2021 Pandemic, the product and brand that is not actively marketed is waiting for its new owner,  

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How to Use HairTut?

  • Easily attached to a clean hairbrush, 

  • Hair is easily removed from the brush after combing,

  • The hair accumulated in SaçTut is discarded and reused, 

  • It is not disposable,  


Single Box Contents:

5 pcs Hair Grab 

Dimensions; Width 10 cm., Width 1.3 cm., Height 11 cm. Weight 15 gr.

Stand Box Contents:  

20 Boxes of Hairtut 

Dimensions; Width 20.5 cm., Width 14 cm., Height 11.2 cm., Weight : 358 gr.

Package Contents:

25 Boxes of 20 Pack HairTut (500 pcs of 5)

Dimensions; 50 x 40 x 60 cm. Weight 9 kg.  

SaçTut 5'li Paket
5'li Paket Açıklama
SaçTut Koli
SaçTut 20'li Stant Kutu
Kolay Fırça Temizliği SaçTut
SaçTut Fırca Temizligi .JPG
Kolay Temizlik SaçTut

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SacTut Yorum.JPG
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